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No place like home

TITLE “No place like home”—If a pair of shoes can guide us home.   FIELD OF STUDY Shoes making Micro-processor&GPS technology I plan to explore the boundaries of   CONTEXT I was commissioned by the Global Footprint project in Northamptonshire, a place famous for shoe making, to create some shoes. I decided to make a pair of shoes that can navigate you to anywhere you wish to travel to. I thought about the Wizard of Oz and how Dorothy could click her shoes together to go home. We’ve all been there: drunk, flat phone battery, lost and unable to find a… More

Alicia Framis – Where did the future go?

For her film “Where did the future go?” Framis travelled to southern Utah in the United States in 2011. In the bizarre ‘moon landscape’ of this deserted region the Mars Society – a non-profit international organization – maintains a research station. There, research is done to find out if and under what conditions people might one day be able to settle the earth-like planet. Together with five researchers, the artist spent several weeks doing a Mars simulation and professionally tested the products from the Moon Life Concept Store. The resulting film features a… More

Restaurant Videre by Soomi Park

  The Restaurant Videre a speculative design project, which illustrates a therapeutic service system in close future using the head-mounted display(HMD) technology for people who suffer from a serious and complex mental illness, Anorexia nervosa, which is more commonly referred as Anorexia. As a fundamental method in cognitive behaviour therapy for treating ‘fear’ of certain subject is ‘exposure therapy’, the project suggests that virtual reality therapy(VRT) could be useful for treating individuals with the eating disorders in the future. Since one of interesting features of VR technology is the systems ability to stimulate human senses through… More

Reference book:<>

<<Cross Dressing, Sex, and Gender>> (Philadelphia, PA: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1993) (Library of Congress call number: HQ77.B785 1993) “[The book] synthesizes a vast array of original texts into a coherent picture of how culture structures gender and sexuality, even in its more uncommon forms. . . . An excellent addition to our understanding of these phenomena and a worthwhile resource for scholars, clinicians, and educators interested in sexuality and gender. The book should also prove very helpful to those struggling to understand these urges and behavior in themselves or in someone close to them.”—Journal of Sex Education and Therapy… More

A meeting with my tribe.

Today I took two hours to Brighton, this is my first time to participate in a face-to-face activity of my tribe, I contacted them only by email before. My role in the tribe is a 22-year old, bisexuality transvestism. We have a meeting from 4:30PM-7:00PM, here is a introduction of the meeting: We always take time at the beginning of the meeting to talk and relax with one another and we make a point of going around the group and introducing ourselves and what pronoun we would like to use for the session.  Our aim is to create a space where young… More

Immigration to the UK

The big number in today’s story is the net migration of 250,000 people – the difference between the 593,000 people who came into the country in the year to June 2011 and the 343,000 who left the country to live abroad for more than 12 months. The government has pledged to bring that down to “tens of thousands”. Although the numbers of people coming into the country are up by about 2% on the previous year, the reason the balance has grown may be more due to the 1.2% drop in people emigrating. Alan Travis writes today that The figures… More

My cross-dressing day! 👻

Today I dressed up like a man aiming to experience a transvestism’s life. I invited one of my friends who is interested in my project to hang out with me. While walking in the street, a man in a blue suit looking at me strangely, maybe he though we are working in the same bank. 😊 Cross-dressing dating! We had a nice meal in Brighton, it wasn’t in rush hour so there wasn’t a lot of people there, perhapes this is the reason why the waiter is very enthusiastic to us. After… More

Comparing transvestisms in UK and China.

Here are two interviews from UK and China. The first one is from A transvestite answers every question you’ve ever had about transvestism online: For I am one of those transvestites they have now! Because some people are confused about exactly what that means, I asked the internet what they wanted to know about transvestism – so here are… More

“We’ll visit the stars and journey to Mars finding our breakfast on Pluto”

<<Breakfast on Pluto>> “We’ll visit the stars and journey to Mars finding our breakfast on Pluto”   The film is a flashback, firstly we saw a woman pushing a pram, and then began to talk about her story to her baby: A  boy was born in a small town in Ireland, and he deeply knew he was abandoned, but you can’t find a sad look on his face,  when he know that his mother looks like a super star he was so proud to wear her mother’s clothes, lipstick, he was so convinced that he is unique. He is eager to his own mother’s news, finally,… More


Last week my friend told me that there is an exhibition called “MUSEUM OF TRANSOLOGY” in LCF, so I went there immediately, thank god everything there is so helpful.   Here is an introduction of it: The UK’s trans communities are increasingly vibrant, visible and confident about sharing our stories. Trans people are coming out, finding each other and organizing Pride events, but no matter how bold and brave we are, we cannot reverse the erasure of ‘transcestry’ in museums. Historically, trans lives have been hidden for reasons of survival, by either ‘passing’ and therefore remaining closeted, or by only expressing our gender… More