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“Plants have feelings, organs and psychic abilities much more advanced than ours. ” <The secret life of plants>. by Peter Tompkins. This paper’s starting point is the Anthropocene (human activity’s geological and ecological impacts on the earth), anthropocentrism, by definition, explores our relationship with nature . If the design can bring a new way of life, human beings can participate in plant communication (for example a plant suffering from insect infestations secrete chemicals that spread through the air to the plants next to it, then it will lead to their insect resistant effect, such as cyanide resistant respiration). So… More


IN_SUBJECT With the machine, a discrepancy between technics and culture begins because the human is no longer a ‘tool bearer’.” —Bernard Stiegler, Technics and Time: The Fault of Epimetheus Technological advancement generated two revolutionary forces that run at cross-purposes. It provides human beings with proactive creativity and a congenial environment for production on the one hand, and threatens the value and freedom of human beings on the other. Individuals, as subjective actors, have no choice but to oscillate between both ends of the spectrum, sharing the collective anxiety about how to position themselves so as to regain their autonomy… More

Third prototype

VIDEO PROTOTYPE The video began in busiest cities of 2012, and then moved to 2112,  shows in which case people need this costume and how it works. Actress:Audrey Chang.  … More

Developing idea.

  Science fiction is an imagination based on scientific theories or techniques. Science fiction is about  “art of possibilities. ‘ The situation described in science fiction is uncertain to happen, that is to say, possible but impossible to happen in the same time. It shows ‘‘what happens if it happens. ’’The first science fiction in history is Mary Shelley’s 《Frankenstein》, which tells the story of Victor track the monster which he created all the way then destroy it. For the possible direction of my project, I will discuss following questions: 1.What is home? What is love? What is the sense of belonging?… More


About technology: 1.Be imagination. Don’t be limited by technology, designer is different with programmer. 2.Be efficient. Try to achieve the best result with the least amount of time and the simplest technique. About prototype: 1.A prototype can be anything, performance, speech… as long as it helps to develop the project. 2.Feedback is very important. Collect as many feedbacks as possible and make a critical summary. 3.Refer to the actual situation. For example, exhibits are different from products, product pays more attention to the humanized design while the exhibits may be more interesting and thought-provoking . These issues should be taken into consider when making propotype.  … More

Another idea

This is another idea about my cross-dressing doll: a little girl  wearing a man’s shrit and tie,  when someone look at her, she blushes. The idea came from my own experience. In March, in order to investigate, I put on a man’s clothes, took part in a transvestism activity in Brighton. I feel like when nobody treat me differently I almost forgot about I am a man today, and when someone stares at me, I feel a little awkward.I might have blushedtoo, but I didn’t bring my own mirror soI didn’t know. So I put my doll in the same clothes as… More

Scenery of future.

Nowadays the population of immigrants is increasing . Imaging that in the future, this situation will not be eased. With the development of the city, the problem of immigration is becoming more and more serious, people from all over the world (even other plants)come to London for a variety of reasons,the development of the city also requires a large number of talents in different fields. Here are two sketches of future’s scenery. The street is full of people of all sort of colour and manners… More

IBM day❤️

FEEDBACK: 1.Think about the context. It is still a child’s toy, perhaps it encourages conversations about gender between parents&children. Besides, my audience is adults(parents)and children, not only children. 2.Give stronger gender visualization to the clothes. 3.Hide snap fasteners by color them with the same color of cloth, then the whole process will be more  magical too audience. 4.I need to hide Ardunio inside the doll or a box if I am gonna exhibit it (use mini Ardunio). 5.The clothes is not removable because of annoying wires currently. 6.Project myself(my own experience during research)into the doll. 7.Sketch my ideas if I can not implement… More


TOPIC non-verbal communication non-human communication Possibilities of communication WHY I INTERESTED IN? On one hand, I have this question myself because of my English level.One the other hand, I am interested in different forms of expression in different cultures, especially a couple of years ago, when I went to Sri Lanka,  people there nodded their heads mean”NO” while shaking their heads to present “yes”. That has push me into trouble several times. Then I started to think about the boundaries and possiblies of communication. RESEARCH QUESTION 1.Differences in nonverbal communication patterns such as gestures around the world. 2.What kinds of misunderstandings may be caused by cultural differences?? 3.Besides… More