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Dirction 2

BACKGROUND: 1. Because of global warming, the area of forests is becoming less and less, and the air quality is be threatened. 2.There’s a lot of debate about the future of artificial intelligence as a replacement for human beings. 3.With the advent of global ecological crisis, the discussion of anthropocentrism has become a hot topic.   PURPOSE: Explore the possibilites of equal coexistence of human, technology and nature. Encourage people to be more positive about the future of relationship between human and technology as… More

Code testing of direction 2 from LIN DONG on Vimeo.     CODE   #include <Sonar_Sensor_Processing/Sonar_Sensor_Processing.h> #include <StepMotor_Control/StepMotor_Control.h> #include <OledDisplay/OledDisplay.h> #include <IntoRobotCloud_Interface/IntoRobotCloud_Interface.h> #include <Bluetooth_Control/Bluetooth_Control.h> #include <Balance_Control/Balance_Control.h> #include <AccelGyro_Sensor_Processing/AccelGyro_Sensor_Processing.h> */ #define TIMER_PERIOD   0.002 #define BALANCE_CONTROL_PERIOD (TIMER_PERIOD * 5.0) #define SENSOR_PERIOD          (TIMER_PERIOD * 5.0) #define FILTER_KALMAN         0 #define FILTER_COMPLEMENTARY  1 //motor pin definitions #define FR_L   D4    //Left  motor: Direction #define STEP_L D0    //Left  motor: PWM pulse, One pulse means one step for the Step Motor #define FR_R   D7    //Right motor: Direction #define STEP_R D3    //Right motor: PWM… More

Prototype 2

ADJUSTMENT: The screen shows image of a garden and visualization data collected in real time by ardunio.( air quality, temperature , humidity of air, light)… More

Code for FMP

  Very appreciate that IDC has the best teachers in the world 🙂       PROCESSING   import processing.serial.*; float a; float b; float t; PFont f; import processing.serial.*; Serial duankou; Serial myPort; // The serial port String val; float currX = 0; int maxT = 50; int minT = 0; int maxH = 100; int minH = 0; void setup() { // List all the available serial ports // printArray(Serial.list()); // Open the port you are using at the rate you want: myPort… More

Prototype 1

PURPOSE: Using digital biology to create an digital plant as a spy, let it to take part in plants’ social life and catch some signal from plants. Thus allow human communicate with plants respectful . INSPIRATION: The Unnatural World: New BBC wildlife show uses fake animals rigged with spy cameras to reveal never-before-seen behaviour. FUNCTION: The iMac behind display how digital biology works. On the right side of the screen there is a dialog box that translates the communication between plants into English. When the audience intentionally changes the environment, such as spraying water on the plants, then he can tell… More

The necessity of creating legal thinghood

In general, our world is be dualistic divided into two parts:person and thing. But it is too crude when it comes to ethical questions.The contemporary form of juridical humanism, in which the opposition between personhood and thinghood is much less blurred.(Visa Kurki, 2017) The formulation of the law is based on human interests, namely, on the anthropocentric assumption that human being occupy the  supreme position in nature world. That is why we are endowed fundamental rights of citizens protected by law. Following this mood of thinking, human rights are based conceptually personhood is intimately related to the capacity to act rationally and deliberately decide about one’s own… More

Nonhuman Design

Are the objects of design be human only? What if your client was non-human species?  What are its preference? Two examples blow are worth highlighted. The More-Than-Human Lab is based in the School of Design at Victoria University of Wellington, launched by Dr Anne Galloway. Anne’s research examines intersections of people, nonhuman animals and technologies, and explores creative methods for public engagement around related matters of concern. Meanwhile, in order to study, she raised many animals in the rural area. Her goal is to increase public participation in the environment, science, major industries and governance issues. Moving beyond human-centred design… More


This project based on a famous scientific events: Scientists have found that the living environment of Antarctic volcanoes is very similar to that of Europe, what‘s even more wondrous is some creatures living in extreme living conditions have been found in these craters. It seems that they do not need oxygen and sunlight. Because of the similarity of environment, Marguerite Humeau made a wild guess: these creatures are the same as those of extraterrestrial life. In that case, it is logically impossible for talking to aliens without travel to… More

Digital biology

Imaging the whole world as a enormous computer, we are some ant-like things-namely digital cells, whose mission is to build the entire ecosystems. Then the computer simulation biological system that we created is used for devise new ways to study life. That is how digital biology takes place. An argument with Peter Bentley, leader of the Digital Biology group at University College London goes like that:”For me, digital biology is the study of the fundamental computation performed by biological processes, from gene regulatory systems to ecosystems and from neural networks to swarming systems.”(2016) The following project can be well illustrated it. Biocomputer music-created by professor Miranda,… More