Today I dressed up like a man aiming to experience┬áa transvestism’s life. I invited one of my friends who is interested in my project to hang out with me.

My cross-dressing day! 1

My cross-dressing day! 3

While walking in the street, a┬áman in a blue suit looking at me strangely, maybe he though we are working in the same bank. ­čśŐ

My cross-dressing day! 4

My cross-dressing day! 6

Cross-dressing dating! We had a nice meal in Brighton, it wasn’t in rush hour so there wasn’t a lot of people there, perhapes this is the reason why the waiter is very enthusiastic┬áto us. After ordering he asked me if I needed him to take a picture for us or something special to drink, I have a feeling that he misunderstand us as a couple.


To conclusion:

1. The majority of passerby are friendly, just a few of them staring at me.

2.When nobody treat me differently I always forgot about I am a man today.

3.Maybe┬áThe waitress of the restaurant thought my friend is my girlfriend. ­čÖé . Before I start my reasearch I also regard transvestites as homosexuals.

4. I felt a little awkward when I need┬áto go to ­čÜŻ, I was afraid of being treated as a┬ápervert.



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