A gender  test avaliable from:https://transgenderteensurvivalguide.tumblr.com/flowchart

You, might be a transgender person but never notice by yourself. Let’s get start.

Ren says:

Here is the nonbinary flowchart (well…more like a series of questions), now on the sidebar for your convenience! It’s designed to help introduce you to a variety of genders, as well as guide you in the general direction of what your identity could be labeled. Let us know if you spot any inconsistencies or want us to add anything, and don’t hesitate to ask questions. 🙂

Here is an accessible, interactive version of this flowchart!

Need something visual, or at least less confusing? Here you go!

1. Do you always identify with the gender you were assigned at birth?

A. No. (Continue to #2)
B. Sometimes. (Continue to #2)
C. Yes. (You’re cis! What are you doing here, silly?)

2. How many genders is your identity made up of? In other words, is it fluid?

A. Just one. (Continue to #3)
B. Two. (Continue to #4)
C. Three. (Go to #5)
D. Two or more. (Go to #13)
E. I don’t know – help! (Continue to #10)

3. Is that one gender binary?

A. Yes. (You’re probably BINARY TRANSGENDER!)
B. No. (Continue to #10)
C. It’s sort of…well…uh…I don’t know? (Go to #6)
D. Sort of, but not entirely. (Go to #8)

4. Can those genders coexist?

A. No, I don’t think so. (Go to #13)
B. No, they’re polar opposites, and I mean that in more than a gender-binary way. (Go to #7)
C. Yes, and they do, often! (Go to #9)
D. Yes…well…maybe? (Go to #14)

5. You might be TRIGENDER! Trigender people experience three genders (not necessarily the binary ones). Sometimes it’s just one gender, sometimes it’s two, sometimes it’s all three and sometimes it’s none at all. If you think this describes you, check out these resources for more info!

6. You might be POLYGENDER! This identity is like a melting pot of several different gender expressions all at once, mixed so well that sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference between all of them. If you think this describes you, check out these resources for more infoNote: two of these resources describe pangender, which has similar intent but is a problematic term – discussed here.

7. You might be GENDERFLUX (also known as GENDERFLEX)! This identity is a fluid one, going between genderlessness and genderedness. What that gendered part is, only you can tell, but for now, if you think this describes you, check out these resources for more info!

8. You might be a DEMIGIRL or DEMIBOY! These folks feel they are partially, but not wholly, female or male, whether or not it’s the gender they were assigned at birth. If you think this describes you, check out these resources for more info! (This tumblr is a particularly positive resource!) [Note: there are also DEMI-NONBINARY people, and I would advise checking out the last link for more info on this.]

9. You might be BIGENDER! Bigender people experience two genders (not necessarily the binary ones), sometimes just one, sometimes both, sometimes none at all. If you think this describes you, check out these resources for more info! (And here’s a positive tumblr resource.) (Close but not quite? Check out #17).

10. Do you feel like you have a gender?

A. Yes, of course! (Go to #15)
B. No. (Go to #11)
C. Sometimes. (Go to #7)
D. Not really, but I’d still like to be able to present myself the way I want when I want. (Go to #12)
E. Nothing you’ve said so far has fit! (Go to #16)

11. You might be AGENDER (also known as GENDERLESS)! Agender literally means ‘no gender’, and most people who associate with it just don’t want any gender ascribed to them at all.

12. You might be NEUTROIS! The concept of neutrois is similar to agender (see #11), but has one key difference: the ideal situation for most neutrois people would be the ability to add or remove gender identifiers at will, in order to play with their gender presentation. That doesn’t necessarily mean they identify with that gender, of course – they still usually feel either gender-neutral or genderless entirely.

13. You might be GENDERFLUID! Some genderfluid folks identify between the binary genders, but others can go from female to neutrois, or agender to male, or anywhere that they feel they fit at that point in time. Sometimes they even go between more than two genders. These genders can happen at the same time, or apart. Shifts in gender can happen at any time, sometimes within days, sometimes within minutes, sometimes within years – although some people have noticed correlations between their hormonal cycles and shifting genders.

14. You might be MIXED GENDER! Mixed gender people sometimes describe themselves similarly to polygender people (see #6): their genders are a sort of melting pot between binary or other non-binary genders. Sometimes they all happen at once, and sometimes they just mix together. If you think this may describe you, check out the resources listed under polygender (#6) or scroll down to check out aliagender and aporagender. Note: previously listed as intergender, but that term is only okay to use for yourself if you are intersex!

15. You might be GENDERQUEER! Often genderqueer is used as a blanket term for multiple nonbinary identities, but can also be used as a more specific term that describes someone whose gender is, well, queer. It’s similar to describing a difficult-to-explain sexuality as queer, and so it gives genderqueer people a lot more freedom to identify a certain way while still using a commonly-known term.

16. Don’t worry – there are more options!

  • You might be ANDROGYNE – a state of gender between the two binary genders.
  • You could simply be GENDER NEUTRAL, which is fairly self-evident.
  • Perhaps you like the idea of not being part of the binary, but still sort of present as part of it – you could be NONBINARY BUTCH, or NONBINARY FEMME (mod Emery IDs as nonbinary femme).
  • Maybe you’re GENDERPUNK (also known as GENDERF*CK), which is behavior specifically designed to mess with people’s interpretation of your gender. Features of genderpunk can also mix into other nonbinary identities!
  • If you’re looking for a third gender that does not appropriate from cultures that you don’t belong to, check out ALIAGENDER or APORAGENDER, I have also heard ambigender be used.

17. You might be DEMIFLUX! This term is used to describe the intersection of genderfluid and bigender identities, in which one of the genders remains ‘static’ while the second gender fluctuates.

…But none of these describe me! What do I do?

Don’t worry – there’s plenty of other nonbinary identities out there, and some probably haven’t even been invented yet! Look around a little, or ask us some questions about the way you feel. Know that you aren’t alone just because you’re just a rare specimen. Find words that you like, and make them fit you. That’s what being nonbinary is all about: reshaping the world and its words in order to better fit yourself!