<<Breakfast on Pluto>>

“We’ll visit the stars
and journey to Mars
finding our breakfast on Pluto”


The film is a flashback, firstly we saw a woman pushing a pram, and then began to talk about her story to her baby: A  boy was born in a small town in Ireland, and he deeply knew he was abandoned, but you can’t find a sad look on his face,  when he know that his mother looks like a super star he was so proud to wear her mother’s clothes, lipstick, he was so convinced that he is unique.

He is eager to his own mother’s news, finally, He set foot on the path of finding his own mother. He don’t understand rock, do not understand  gay or what is politics, the only thing he knows is how to protect himself and how to get along with his surrounding in his own way. Nothing and nobody ever changed him. It’s hard to believe that a man who doesn’t want to be a man at all is brave and great than a real man.

Although  a number of setbacks and tragic events occurred,  The film is intentionally avoid many unbearable, such as cruelty of war,distress of life, prostitutes, humiliation and so on. This is somewhat a little sad fairy tale, kitten like a cute little prince, often smiles, sow love around, no malice to the  world, his heart is as pure as a child. Although his birth is a mistake, but the accident bring the world an angels who should not shed tears, God is destined to make his dream come true.
At the end of the story, Paddy and her father and friend Charlie will continue to suffer discrimination and insult, but it left a warm feeling in my heart. How terrible is prejudice! You can draw a lot of conclusions when you don’t know a person at all. A lot of people are willing to live under the assumption of others, shape themselves as others wish. Without prejudice, you will find the advantages of many people. Moreover, arbitrary also narrow our choices . I often complain about sometimes like I do not belong to the society. But for Paddy, It’s a good thing to be discriminated without being insulted. Compared with her, I paid too little.
To be frankly, if it wasn’t for research, I’d never see this movie. But never a character like Paddy who do a lot of things I don’t like(transvestite, seduce men, nagging, refuse to participate in the revolution), but I finally fell in love with her. She is such a warm person, not only inspired by her optimism and courage, but also touched by a warmth, a kind of self stick, and deep loneliness and sorrow, make me admire and love her so much. I love you, you fucking disaster!

When we are not aware of  that we were changed by life or the environment or people around us , I really envy Patrick,  applause for him,  moved by him.