1.Think about the context. It is still a child’s toy, perhaps it encourages conversations about gender between parents&children. Besides, my audience is adults(parents)and children, not only children.

2.Give stronger gender visualization to the clothes.

3.Hide snap fasteners by color them with the same color of cloth, then the whole process will be more  magical too audience.

4.I need to hide Ardunio inside the doll or a box if I am gonna exhibit it (use mini Ardunio).

5.The clothes is not removable because of annoying wires currently.

6.Project myself(my own experience during research)into the doll.

7.Sketch my ideas if I can not implement the technology now.

8.Don’t expect my doll to do everything. Don’t make it too complicated. I can add a screen or a low-tech poster(text) to talk about gender issue and encourage parents start a conversation about it.

9.The doll can reacts like human, for example, her face can blush gradually.