Science fiction is an imagination based on scientific theories or techniques. Science fiction is about  “art of possibilities. ‘ The situation described in science fiction is uncertain to happen, that is to say, possible but impossible to happen in the same time. It shows ‘‘what happens if it happens. ’’The first science fiction in history is Mary Shelley’s 《Frankenstein》, which tells the story of Victor track the monster which he created all the way then destroy it.

For the possible direction of my project, I will discuss following questions:

1.What is home? What is love? What is the sense of belonging? Is it real exist or is it a sense of self, is it eternity or an immediate need?
2.If human beings lose mental support for development, we can only maintain psychological health by high technology someday. How many of us want social development if we can start over again?
3.If that day comes, human mental health and emotions can be manipulated by science and technology,  then what is the role for human? Masters of technology or puppets of technology?
《Blade Runner》adapted from a American science fiction novel: Dick Philip’s 《Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?》.And the world in the original is darker than the movie, and even hopeless. The earth is on the brink of destruction, and mankind struggles in a stagnant life, relying on technology and their dreams.
“I really am a fraud,” said Dick in the book. The sky is set up by the photostudio, with traces of paint on it. Stone is made of soft rubber, and it doesn’t hurt when hitting people. You can’t see it all because you’re too close; you have to be like those bionic people,  far away from it, far away, and they have a better perspective. They did a good job. From their point of view, the revelation was convincing, but they couldn’t understand why nothing had changed. Why are you still here, and I’m still here?.”
Today, are you the one you have been looking for? Will you?